In our number of years in the business, we have answered different questions related to repairs, towing, rentals, and similar matters. To better assist you, we gathered the most common questions we encounter. We hope you will find the answers beneficial and helpful to you.

With Auto Care Collision Center, all your worries and concerns are addressed immediately. If your question is not on the list, feel free to send your concerns at info@autocarecollision.com or you may get in touch with us at 218-722-4458.

Main FAQs

[+] How can I apply and obtain your offered services?

All you have to do is fill in the application form, found here on our web site, depending on the type of service you need complete all the necessary information we need from you. You can also get in touch with us at 218-722-4458 or via fax at 218-727-7821. You may also visit our main office at 4757 W Arrowhead Road, Hermantown, Minnesota to learn more about services.

[+] Do I need to request for an appointment to get an estimate?

It’s up to you. You can bring your car in during our business hours (8am-5pm) and wait for the estimate. It will only take about 15-20 minutes to complete an estimate depending upon the extent of the damage. For unusual or specialty vehicles, it may take up to 30-35 minutes to inspect your vehicle and write an estimate.

You can also use our e-Estimate service to expedite your estimate request and eliminate the hassle of having to bring your car over to our shop. Just fill in the estimate form and upload 1-3 photos of the vehicle damage and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to give you a preliminary estimate.

[+] How long can I get the result of an online estimate?

When you have completed the request process, the result of a professional estimate for your vehicle will be provided within 24 hours.

Note: If you have decided to use our auto repair service, our mechanics will check and review the damage once again. This is to ensure that there are no concealed damages or other problems that may cause the estimate to change.

[+] When can I get my vehicle in?

We allow drop offs within our operation hours between (8am-5pm). You can drop off your vehicle or give us a call to arrange for a towing service if the vehicle is not drivable. When your vehicle is already within our shop, we will take pictures of the damage(s) and write you an estimate. If you prefer to use your insurance, you need to inform your car insurance provider that you are getting your vehicle repaired at Auto Care Collision Center.

[+] How long will repairs take?

Each repair starts as soon as the vehicle insurance is approved. From that point, the duration will depend on the extent of damage and amount of work to be done. However, we make it a point to give our clients an estimated time of completion and keep them updated with the progress of the repairs.

[+] Can I wash my car immediately after repair?

Yes, you may wash your car immediately. Just remember to use mild soap and avoid harsh car cleaners and/ or soaps.

[+] Is it okay to get my vehicle waxed after repair?

We usually recommend a 90-day waiting period after repair is done before having the first wax.

[+] What is a deductible?

Deductibles are the owner’s portion of an insurance claim. It is determined during the time when the owner took out his or her insurance policy.

[+] Is there any difference between auto body cosmetic repair and collision repair?

Auto body cosmetic repair is performed on minor car damages such as key scratches, dings, small dents, minor bumper repairs, scuffs, or scrapes, and minor body damages.

On the other hand, a collision repair is intended for heavy body or frame blows and damages, missing or severely damaged parts, and single panel repairs that can exceed over three hours of repair work.

[+] Can I still drive my car after an accident?

The amount of damage that your car sustained from an accident can determine whether or not you can still drive your car. If the accident resulted in minor scratches and a deformed bumper, you can still drive it. Nonetheless, you need to have it checked for concealed damages. On the other hand, we strongly recommend that if your car does not feel right at all (lights out, cracked or broken windshield, etc.), don’t drive it. You can give us a call and we can have it towed for you, even from the accident site to our location. This will help us better determine the extent of the damage to your car.

[+] Can your shop match the original factory color of my car?

We guarantee that we only use the finest kinds of automotive paints. Our staff makes sure that the factory color will be matched very well that the painting is completed according to factory suggested paint procedures.